The workshop will be dedicated to presenting the 2018 edition of the FSI, produced by the Economist Intelligence Unit together with the Barilla BCFN Foundation, with a special focus on Italy. The work will be opened by introductory interventions by representatives of the BCFN Foundation, the Ministry of Health and the city of Milan, which will be followed by an open confrontation between the participants in the work. The subject of discussion will be the index-investigated macrothemes (nutritional challenges, sustainable agriculture, food waste) and the possibility of using FSI’s evidence for the development of good practices to further improve the Italy’s performance in these areas.

The workshop is included in the program of the International Forum on nutrition and nutrition, available here in full version: International_forum/Forum-2018/Agenda/#28

The Forum and its workshops take place at the Hangar Bicocca in via Chiese 2, Milan. The FSI Workshop will take place from 14.45 to 16.15.